Coconut mocha cupcakes, coconut buttercream. Fondant zebra, buttercream leopard. Coordinating wrappers
Funky Flowers, Hearts, & Dots
Strawberry cheesecake and double chocolate cupcakes. Handmade edible decorations

Coconut Drink Mini Cakes
Chocolate macaroon mini cakes with coconut buttercream

Fancy, Retro, Fun
Vanilla Chai: cupcakes & buttercream.Handmade, edible decorations & customized cupcake wrappers
Cookies & Cream
Cookies & cream cupcakes, topped with buttercream, cookies, & chocolate ganache.
Lazy Horse Cupcakes 
Carrot cupcakes, white chocolate cream cheese icing, handmade edible decorations
Lipstick, Shoes, Bows, & Purses
Cookies & Cream cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, handmade edible decorations
Fall Treat: Apples
Apple cider cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream, handmade edible apples
Cars & Cops
Peanut Butter Cup and red velvet cupcakes, handmade & edible decorations
Camping: Jumbo Cupcake
Carrot cake, white chocolate cream cheese icing, vanilla mousse filling
Black Forest Cupcakes
Black forest cupcakes filled with black cherry mousse, dipped in ganache, topped with cherry buttercream, a chocolate dipped cherry 
Mustache Cupcakes
Caramel mocha frappucinno cupcakes & buttercream with fondant mustaches
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Banana Splits! 
Banana Split cupcakes, buttercream, chocolate ganache & a cherry.
Peaches & cream, caramel apple, and almond joy cupcakes. Edible handmade flowers.
Healthy Cupcakes: They Lift Weights
Peanut Butter, Fudge & Banana cupcakes
Cookies in a Cake
Chocolate chip cookie baked inside a chocolate cupcake, topped with chocolate buttercream & another cookie

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